Dr Shankar Sridharan

Qualifications: MBBS BSc MRCPCH CCST

Expertise: Heart murmurs in children, structural heart disease, child chest pain, congenital heart disease in children and echocardiography

Adult/Paediatric: Paediatric


Dr Shankar Sridharan is a Consultant Fetal and Paediatric Cardiologist. His NHS practice is at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, where he is also the Cardiac Network Lead. He specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and on-going care of all types of heart disease affecting babies, children and teenagers (including holes-in the heart such as ASDs and VSDs, valve problems and all complex forms of structural heart disease).

As a children’s heart doctor dealing with congenital heart disease he is very aware that a rapid and accurate diagnosis together with a kind empathic approach best serves the child and family. Patients are often referred for assessment following the suspicion of heart disease from either clinical signs such as a murmur or cyanosis (blueness); or due to symptoms such as breathlessness or poor weight gain. A family history of heart problems in siblings or relatives is also often a reason for review.

Many heart problems in children may be managed as an outpatient without the need for interventional procedures or cardiac surgery. If these are required, he works with an excellent team as part of his paediatric cardiac practice. The care plan created will provide direct access to the best Paediatric interventional and surgical doctors in the country.

If you have a child with a heart problem or concerns regarding a possible cardiac issue and are considering private care, he welcomes any enquiries or questions you have.


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