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Make an appointment, find our contact details and have your say by providing feedback. You’ll also find information on where to find us and how to get here.

Important Contacts

For emergency admissions call: 020 7078 3876  Out of hours call: 020 7806 4000 (Ask for 08 Bleep Holder)

Contact Centre
Call: 020 7806 4060
Admissions Department
Call: 020 7078 3878 
Imaging Department
Call: 020 7806 4030
Payment Queries / Credit Control
Call: 020 7806 4058
Respiratory Physiology
Call: 020 7806 4081
St John’s Hospice
Call: 020 7806 4040
Physiotherapy Department
Call: 020 7806 4010

Leave us Feedback

Whether you are a patient, relative or a visitor to the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth we hope your experience is positive.  We take pride in looking after its patients, endeavour to provide the best levels of care and are continually looking at ways to improve our services and facilities. From our dedicated staff to expert consultants, every effort is made to make their stay safe and as comfortable as possible.

We value feedback from patients and regularly monitor our performance and listen to views of those using the Hospital. General comments and suggestions are always welcomed. These can be made by speaking to a member of staff or department manager at the time of your visit to the hospital, by using our confidential email service, or the feedback form below.


Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires are available in all wards.
Many of the support departments also have questionnaires and feedback forms. External consultants analyse the questionnaires and provide reports to the Hospital.


Complaints Procedure