Mr Jeremy Ockrim

Qualifications: MD BSc(Hon) FRCS(Urol)

Expertise: Female & reconstructive urology, urinary incontinence, UTI, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic & bladder pain syndromes, functional urology & urodynamics. Investigation of haematuria (blood in the urine), prostate assessment, investigation and fast-track testing. Benign prostate surgery including TURP scrotal surgery, circumcision, vasectomy, hydrocoele and varicocoele repair, interstitial cystitis

NHS: University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Adult/Paediatric: Adult


Mr Jeremy Ockrim is Honorary Senior Lecturer at UCL and Consultant Urological Surgeon at University College Hospital.

He specialises in the treatment of bladder and prostate dysfunction or enlargement, incontinence and prolapse plus treatment of male and female incontinence including colposuspension, TVT/TOT and male sling.


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