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Laparoscopic Appendicectomy

Experiencing abdominal pain can be worrying and uncomfortable, impacting your daily life and well-being. At St John & Elizabeth Hospital, we prioritise your health and comfort by offering advanced treatments like laparoscopic appendicectomy. This minimally invasive surgery is designed to treat appendicitis, an inflammation of the appendix that requires prompt attention.

Also known as: Keyhole surgery for appendicitis

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Everything You Need to Know

Laparoscopic appendicectomy is a modern surgical procedure that uses small incisions and specialised instruments to remove the appendix. This approach is favoured for its benefits over traditional open surgery, including reduced pain, faster recovery, and minimal scarring.

The procedure involves making a few small incisions in the abdomen, through which a laparoscope (a thin tube with a camera) and surgical tools are inserted. Your surgeon will then remove the inflamed appendix with precision, causing minimal disruption to surrounding tissues.

Before Surgery

Preparing for your laparoscopic appendicectomy is an essential step towards a successful outcome. Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout your journey.

Consultation and Assessment

Your treatment journey begins with a thorough consultation with one of our general medicine surgeons. This session allows you to discuss your symptoms, review your medical history, and express any concerns. It’s a crucial step in ensuring laparoscopic appendicectomy is the right choice for you.

Pre-treatment Preparations

  • Medical History Review: Inform your surgeon about any existing medical conditions, allergies, and all medications you’re taking. This information helps us tailor the procedure to your specific needs.
  • Allergy Check: It’s vital to notify your surgeon about any known allergies, especially to anaesthetics or other medications used during surgery. Ensuring your safety is our top priority.

During Surgery

We strive to make your laparoscopic appendicectomy as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Preparation: Upon arrival, you’ll be prepped for surgery, which includes cleaning the abdominal area to prevent infection and administering a general anaesthetic to ensure you’re asleep and pain-free throughout the procedure.
  • The Surgery: Your surgeon will perform the appendicectomy with precision, using the laparoscope to guide and complete the removal of the appendix.

Post-Procedure Care: After the appendix is successfully removed, the incisions are closed with sutures, and you’ll be gently awoken from anaesthesia.

After Surgery

Recovery from laparoscopic appendicectomy at St John & Elizabeth Hospital is generally smoother and quicker than with open surgery. However, following our aftercare advice is crucial for the best recovery experience.

Immediate Aftercare

  • Rest: Relax for the first few days post-surgery to allow your body to heal.
  • Pain Management: Some discomfort is normal; we’ll provide appropriate pain relief measures to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible.
Hospital Fee Guaranteed


The price shown includes all costs associated with your treatment, from admission to discharge.

Doesn’t include surgeon or anaesthetist fee.

Our hospital fee is guaranteed at the price quoted and valid for one month from the date issued, subject to pre-assessment.

How to pay for your treatment

If you’re… paying for yourself

Did you know you don’t need private medical insurance to come to St John & St Elizabeth Hospital? As a self-pay patient, you can access safe, outstanding quality health care at times to suit you.

For scans and tests, as well as to see most consultants, you’ll still need to be referred by a medical professional like your GP, but as a self-pay patient, the process is more straightforward. You won’t need authorisation from an insurance provider, and you’ll have greater choice of consultant and appointment times.

If you’re… insured

St John & St Elizabeth Hospital is approved by all major medical insurance companies. If you have a personal private health insurance policy, or your company provide it for you, you can use it to pay for your care from your initial consultation through to treatment, surgery and aftercare such as physiotherapy. Not all private health insurance plans cover the same things. It’s very important to check exactly what you are covered for with your insurance provider.

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