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A private urgent care centre for when you need immediate attention

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There’s no need to wait around when you opt for a private urgent care centre. 

When you suddenly become sick or injured and need urgent medical attention, the last thing you want is to have to spend long hours in a hospital waiting room before a doctor or nurse can treat you. But that’s the reality of the public health systems of many countries: too many patients, not enough medical staff and resources, including beds,  stretching them to the limit.

That’s why more people are choosing a private urgent care centre when they have minor injuries and illnesses because they’ll be seen straight away with no waiting around. Clearly, if you have a serious injury like being involved in a road traffic accident and your life is at risk, you’ll be taken immediately to the accident and emergency department, possibly by ambulance.

A private urgent care centre is not like A&E because it most likely won’t be open around the clock, and they don’t usually treat life-threatening illnesses and injuries, including those to the head. Our private Urgent Care Clinic is located at the front of our hospital and is open from 8 am to 8 pm (last appointment at 7:30pm), Monday to Friday and 8am to 6pm (last appointment at 5:30pm) at the weekend.

What does a private urgent care centre treat?

A private urgent care centre primarily deals with the walk-in wounded — people who have been injured in a minor accident or have suddenly taken ill but can still get to hospital themselves. Highly experienced nurses and doctors at private urgent care centres usually deal with common injuries arising from sports, such as fractures and sprains, and also cuts and grazes that need cleaning or possibly stitches.

Burns from hot water, chemicals, and other materials in the home are also treated at an urgent care centre, and various wounds caused in and around the home, including DIY and other machine-related activities. Our urgent care centre doctors will also help remedy breathing problems and pains in the chest area, and ear, nose and throat complaints.

The list of issues we treat is, in fact, quite long and includes gynaecological, stomach, bladder and bowel problems. We also look after the eyes and ears, including ear syringing to clear out earwax buildup so you can hear properly again. You can get seasonal flu vaccinations at a private urgent care centre like ours, and we even have travel services that provide vaccinations relevant to various parts of the world so that you’re protected against malaria and other crippling diseases.

The benefits of a private urgent care centre

Saving time and getting immediate medical treatment is one of the primary reasons people choose a private urgent care centre over a public hospital, but it’s not the sole deciding factor. Some people like that the level of attention and care they get at a private hospital is far superior to what they would otherwise receive. Rushed doctors and nurses at public hospitals and clinics only have a brief time to attend to each patient due to the typically high volume of people in need of treatment — this not the case at a private hospital.

It’s also possible that the equipment and facilities at a private hospital where there’s an urgent care centre may be better, as they have the funds to purchase the latest in medical technology and equipment. This can result in faster treatment and recovery times, allowing patients to get back to their old lives as soon as possible.

They might also have more experienced and top-level consultants and specialists because they’re generally paid more at private medical centres, which can attract the best doctors and nurses in their fields. And finally, there’s the enjoyable fact that most private hospitals have an element of luxury about them that almost makes them feel like a hotel and so patients can relax and feel more at ease while they’re being treated.

Our Urgent Care Clinic is a walk-in service, so if you need help some along, no need to call in advance.

If you think you might be having heart problems or a stroke, please call 999 or go to your nearest NHS A&E.

Posted on: 16 January 2024