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Cardiology Clinic

Our world-class cardiac ward is staffed by some of the most skilled medical professionals in the UK and provides a fully comprehensive and caring service to remedy heart problems. The cardiac ward at St John & St Elizabeth Hospital is a top London heart clinic that specialises in providing unrivalled levels of quality, care and comfort for our patients as well as world-class private cardiologists to deal with your case and get you swiftly back on the path to robust health.


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Treatments at our Cardiology Clinic

We carry out a wide range of non-invasive cardiac testing that’s overseen and reported by a highly trained and experienced private cardiologist consultants. You may be able to get a same-day appointment, and we will provide a cardiac report within 24 hours of being seen.

Key treatments

These are common conditions and treatments that we investigate and prescribe at our London cardiology clinic.
If you don’t see a required treatment below, get in touch for more information.


Our cardiac ward is staffed by world-class private cardiologists and other medical professionals who excel at creating effective treatment plans and delivering the ultimate in patient care.

About Our Clinic

Patients on our cardiac ward are not numbers to be quickly moved in and out so that we can get on to the next patient; they are individuals who get the care, attention and medical services they require and deserve. Our focus on our patients as people and not transactions and profits is at the core of everything we do.

During your time on our cardiac ward, a private cardiologist will look after you and ensure you get the treatment you need so that you can quickly get back to your normal life. Our luxurious surroundings in the British capital will help you to relax as we deal with your cardiac issue with the most effective treatment and get you home as soon as possible.

Patient Information

We recognise that coming into hospital can be a stressful and an unnerving experience. At St John & St Elizabeth Hospital we are committed to the welfare of all our patients and you will find all staff will work hard to ensure your stay with us is a positive experience.