Dr Karolina Gholam

Dr Karolina Gholam

Qualifications: MBBS MSc FRCPCH SCEderm

Expertise: Inflammatory dermatoses such as eczema and psoriasis, birthmarks, acne

NHS: Great Ormond Street Hospital

Adult/Paediatric: Paediatric


Dr Karolina Gholam is currently working as a Paediatric Dermatology Consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital and as an Honorary Lecturer at the Institute of Child Health. She is one of only two doctors dually accredited in Paediatrics and Dermatology in the United Kingdom.

She obtained a Master’s Degree in Clinical Paediatrics and her thesis on Familial Haemophagocytic Histiocytosis was published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Immunology. She completed the Paediatric Educator’s Programme and lectures regularly on paediatric dermatology related topics. She has published on the use of propranolol for infantile haemangiomas and other paediatric dermatology conditions.


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