Mr Massimo Varcada

Mr Massimo Varcada

Qualifications: MBBS MD FRCS FEBS (Coloproctology)

Expertise: General and colorectal surgery. Benign gastrointestinal diseases. IBD and colorectal cancer. Upper and lower gi endoscopy. Proctology (incontinence, haemorrhoidecomy, fissures) AIN screening

Languages: English, Italian, French

NHS: Royal Free Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Adult/Paediatric: Adult


Mr Massimo Varcada is a consultant surgeon and clinical lead for general emergency surgery service at Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust. Mr Varcada’s post CCST training included a fellowship (2010) at PYNE Hospital, Hong Kong under supervision of Prof. Li, where he enhanced his skills in robotic surgery endo-laparoscopic procedures and emergency laparoscopic surgery.

Mr Massimo Varcada undertook a further fellowship in Japan (NCC Tokyo) where he developed his skills in advanced endoscopy, acquiring competence in endoscopic stenting of obstructed colonic tumor, Upper-Lower GI Endoscopic Sub-Mucosal Resection (EMR), Dissection (ESD), and Chromo-endoscopy. Furthermore, he introduced endoscopic stenting for lower GI malignancy, and three new procedures:

  • Endolaparoscopic double-balloon endoscopy
  • Trans-anal minimally surgery (TAMIS)
  • THD haemorrhoidectomy.

Mr Massimo Varcada is a core member for colorectal cancer Surgery at London Cancer Network and his results are published locally and nationally.

Mr Varcada has also been appointed Honorary Senior Lecturer in General and Colorectal Surgery at UCL medical School and actively supervises clinical research as part of his activity.

Since appointed Service Line Lead for General Surgery, demonstrating clear leadership in the implementation and provision of the service, following his appointment, the use of laparoscopy has been applied to emergency surgery.


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