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Umbilical Hernia Repair

An umbilical hernia repair is a surgical procedure to correct umbilical hernias, which are relatively common, especially in infants, but can also occur in adults. Such hernias appear as a bulge near the belly button, resulting from part of the intestine or fatty tissue pushing through the abdominal wall. For adults, factors like obesity, excessive coughing, or pregnancy can contribute to developing an umbilical hernia.

Also known as: belly button hernia repair

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Everything You Need to Know

Umbilical hernias can be concerning due to the discomfort and potential complications they may cause. They’re often noticeable when you cough, bend over, or lift heavy objects. While some may close on their own, particularly in children, surgery is recommended for persistent or large hernias to prevent complications like pain or strangulation of the herniated tissue.

Choosing St John & Elizabeth Hospital for your umbilical hernia repair means opting for a facility that prioritises your health, comfort, and peace of mind. Our expert surgeons are adept at performing hernia repairs with precision and care, supported by our compassionate and skilled nursing staff. We aim to make the surgical experience as smooth and comfortable as possible, ensuring you’re informed and at ease every step of the way.

Before Surgery

Your pathway to repair begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your specific situation and determine the best course of action. Preparing for your surgery involves:

  • A detailed review of your medical history and any medications you’re taking.
  • Instructions on eating, drinking, and medication adjustments before the procedure.
  • An explanation of the surgery, including the method of repair and what to expect during recovery.

During Surgery

Our commitment to patient comfort and safety is paramount. Here’s what happens on the day of your umbilical hernia repair:

Arrival and Preparation

Our friendly staff will welcome you and guide you through the final preparation steps, ensuring you’re ready for the procedure.


The surgery is typically performed under general anaesthesia, ensuring you’re asleep and comfortable throughout.

The Repair Process

The surgeon will carefully repair the hernia, often using a mesh to strengthen the abdominal wall and prevent recurrence. The technique used will depend on your hernia’s specifics.

After Surgery

The recovery process is crucial for a successful outcome. After your procedure, you can expect:

Immediate Care

We’ll provide instructions on managing any discomfort and caring for your surgical site once you’re home.

Recovery Time

Recovery varies by individual, but most people resume normal activities within a few weeks. We’ll advise on any restrictions to ensure the best healing.

Follow-Up Care

You’ll have follow-up appointments to monitor your recovery and ensure the success of your hernia repair.

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The price shown includes all costs associated with your treatment, from admission to discharge.

Doesn’t include surgeon or anaesthetist fee.

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How to pay for your treatment

If you’re… paying for yourself

Did you know you don’t need private medical insurance to come to St John & St Elizabeth Hospital? As a self-pay patient, you can access safe, outstanding quality health care at times to suit you.

For scans and tests, as well as to see most consultants, you’ll still need to be referred by a medical professional like your GP, but as a self-pay patient, the process is more straightforward. You won’t need authorisation from an insurance provider, and you’ll have greater choice of consultant and appointment times.

If you’re… insured

St John & St Elizabeth Hospital is approved by all major medical insurance companies. If you have a personal private health insurance policy, or your company provide it for you, you can use it to pay for your care from your initial consultation through to treatment, surgery and aftercare such as physiotherapy. Not all private health insurance plans cover the same things. It’s very important to check exactly what you are covered for with your insurance provider.


Initial Consultation

Discuss your hernia, medical history, and any concerns with our specialists.


Pre-Op Assessment

We conduct necessary evaluations to confirm your surgery plan.


Treatment Plan

Together, we decide on the best approach for your hernia repair, tailored to your needs.


Preparation for Surgery

You’ll receive clear instructions to prepare for your procedure, ensuring you’re fully informed and comfortable.

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