For Primary Care Clinicians

Our hospital has served the local Primary Care community for 165 years.
Our charity, St John’s Hospice, treats NHS patients via referrals from our NHS GP colleagues across 7 local boroughs.

Please contact our Primary Care Engagement Manager for questions about regarding any of our services, education programme or for help setting up bespoke referral pathways.

A Urology Consultant with a patient

Referring your patient

Our impeccable specialists, combined with our vast hospital redevelopment, ensures we can provide exceptional clinical outcomes for your patients.

We accept self-pay and insured patients to all services.

GP Education

CPD education

In 2020 we moved our famous Primary Care education programme online. In 2021, we achieved 100% positive viewer feedback across the entire year.

Join us in 2022. Book your free tickets on any of our webinars today.

Prostate Clinic

Frequent referrer zone

As a hospital at the heart of the local community, we are able to provide special services to our most active referrers.

From free, practice-based education sessions, to clinical and non-clinical training, we are here to help.

Meet your single point of contact

For questions about regarding any of our services, education programme or for help setting up bespoke referral pathways, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

[email protected] | 0207 432 8326

As this is a partly field-based role (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm), please leave a voicemail or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

GP Symposiums

CPD hour

Earn one CPD point. The standard format, between 7-8pm on a weekday evening. Usually one specialist teaching on a specific topic with a Q&A at the end.

GP Short Lectures Programme

CPD Masterclass

Earn two CPD points. A deep dive on a specific topic over two hours. Special guests, including former patients and clinicians from different modalities.

GP Seminar Programme

Virtual Symposium

Earn three CPD points A multidisciplinary session over three hours on a Saturday morning. Multiple Consultants, topics and/or special guests.

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"Excellent. Thank you so much for organising these webinars during this difficult period. They have really helped as I would not be able to attend a lot of these in person even if there was no pandemic. I used to just attend the annual symposium. Please do continue with this excellent programme"

- Webinar feedback, 2021