Physiotherapy Clinic

St John & St Elizabeth Hospital’s private physiotherapy clinic in London is one of the UK’s leading physio centres. From back pain and sports injuries to dizziness and speech issues, we have expert specialists who can help you.

physiotherapy clinic in london

Inpatient and Outpatient Physiotherapy

A single physiotherapist can’t do it all, so we have a multi-disciplinary team of Chartered Physiotherapists who can treat a huge range of problems, from back pain and muscle injuries to coordination and speech issues. 

We’re also extremely proud to have close links with national sporting organisations, which means we can provide physio for sports injuries, as well as collaborate closely with other medical professionals to make sure you receive the best all-round care.

Our Therapy Services

We have a fully equipped gym, neuro-assessment room and a home-living assessment room.

Have a look at what we offer:

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