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Lip Lesion Removal

Experiencing a lip lesion can be both a cosmetic concern and a discomfort. At St John & Elizabeth Hospital, we understand the importance of addressing this issue with care, precision, and the most effective treatment options available. Known as lip lesion removal surgery, this procedure is designed to remove benign (non-cancerous) as well as suspicious or malignant lesions with minimal discomfort, ensuring the best possible cosmetic outcome.

Also known as: Lip Biopsy, Cheiloplasty

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Everything You Need to Know

Lip lesions can range from simple benign conditions such as lipomas or cysts to more complex cases that may require thorough examination and treatment. Our approach is to not only remove the lesion effectively but also to ensure that the aesthetic aspect of your lips is carefully considered, leaving minimal scarring and preserving the natural shape of your lips.

If you’re facing any of the following conditions, our specialist team is here to help:

• Benign lip lesions like fibromas, cysts, or lipomas
• Precancerous lesions, indicating early signs of skin cancer
• Malignant lip lesions requiring surgical intervention

We utilise the latest techniques and technologies in dermatological surgery, ensuring a procedure that is both safe and efficient. Our multidisciplinary team, including maxillofacial consultants, dermatologists and plastic surgeons, works closely to provide a tailored treatment plan, prioritising your health and cosmetic outcomes.

Before Surgery

Upon deciding that lip lesion removal is the best course of action, our team will guide you through the necessary pre-operative preparations. This includes a detailed consultation to discuss your medical history, the specific nature of your lip lesion, and any particular concerns you may have regarding the surgery or recovery process.

Preparation steps include:

  • A thorough examination and possible biopsy of the lesion to determine its nature
  • Blood tests and, if necessary, imaging tests to ensure comprehensive care
  • Instructions on medication adjustments, especially if you’re taking blood thinners or have specific allergies

We recommend ceasing smoking and avoiding certain medications that may affect the surgery’s outcome. Our team will provide you with a detailed list of do’s and don’ts to ensure you are fully prepared for the procedure.

During Surgery

The lip lesion removal surgery is typically performed under local anaesthesia, meaning you will be awake but will not feel any pain in the area being treated. The procedure duration depends on the lesion’s size and complexity but generally takes between 30 minutes to an hour.

Our surgical techniques are designed to minimise scarring and preserve the natural contour of your lips. This involves precise excision of the lesion and expert suturing techniques. In some cases, a small margin of healthy tissue around the lesion may also be removed as a precautionary measure to ensure complete removal.

After Surgery

Recovery from lip lesion removal surgery is usually swift, with most patients resuming normal activities within a few days. You might experience mild discomfort, swelling, or bruising, which can be managed with prescribed pain relief and cold compresses.

Aftercare includes:

  • Keeping the surgical area clean and dry
  • Avoiding strenuous activities and certain foods that may irritate the wound
  • Follow-up appointments to monitor healing and remove sutures, if necessary

The final results of the surgery, including the appearance of any scarring, will gradually improve over several weeks to months. Our team will provide comprehensive post-operative care instructions and support you through every step of your recovery.

Hospital Fee Guaranteed


The price shown includes all costs associated with your treatment, from admission to discharge.

Doesn’t include surgeon or anaesthetist fee.

Our hospital fee is guaranteed at the price quoted and valid for one month from the date issued, subject to pre-assessment.

How to pay for your treatment

If you’re… paying for yourself

Did you know you don’t need private medical insurance to come to St John & St Elizabeth Hospital? As a self-pay patient, you can access safe, outstanding quality health care at times to suit you.

For scans and tests, as well as to see most consultants, you’ll still need to be referred by a medical professional like your GP, but as a self-pay patient, the process is more straightforward. You won’t need authorisation from an insurance provider, and you’ll have greater choice of consultant and appointment times.

If you’re… insured

St John & St Elizabeth Hospital is approved by all major medical insurance companies. If you have a personal private health insurance policy, or your company provide it for you, you can use it to pay for your care from your initial consultation through to treatment, surgery and aftercare such as physiotherapy. Not all private health insurance plans cover the same things. It’s very important to check exactly what you are covered for with your insurance provider.

Appointment and Treatment Plan


Initial Consultation

Meet with a specialised dermatologist or plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and objectives regarding the lip lesion. This step is crucial for understanding the nature of your lesion and planning the best approach for removal.


Personalised Treatment Plan

Based on the initial consultation and further diagnostic evaluations, you will receive a customised treatment plan. This plan may include the surgical procedure for lesion removal, details on the type of anaesthesia to be used, and any specific preparation required.


Pre-Op Assessment

Before proceeding with the surgery, you may need to undergo additional diagnostic tests. These tests help to confirm the lesion’s characteristics and ensure your overall fitness for the procedure. This phase also includes guidance on how to prepare for surgery to ensure the best outcomes.


The Procedure

The lip lesion removal surgery is performed with precision and care, focusing on achieving the best cosmetic and health outcomes. The technique and approach will be tailored to your specific condition, ensuring the removal is thorough and the aesthetic impact is minimal.


Aftercare and Recovery

Following the procedure, you will receive comprehensive aftercare instructions to support your recovery. This includes advice on wound care, medication for pain management if needed, and information on what to eat and avoid. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your healing process, remove sutures if necessary, and ensure the best possible recovery and outcome.

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