Women's Health Packages

We know going private can be daunting, especially when the costs of healthcare aren’t always clear, so we’re looking to change that.

We’ve listened and are developing guaranteed fixed price packages for our most common treatments, starting with women’s health. After initial consultation, if you need a common treatment, you’ll know exactly what this will cost.

Fixed Price Packages

  If you have health insurance, and are interested in being treated at our hospital, speak to your provider to see if you’re covered. If you’re considering self-funding, our range of fixed price packages will help you start your health journey with confidence; safe in the knowledge that your treatment will never cost more than you expected.

Procedures & Prices


Procedure Price
Asymptomatic mammogram for over 40s £340*
Mammogram £590
Ultrasound £670
Mammogram and ultrasound £1,010

What’s included:

  • Initial consultation fee (for Mammogram, Ultrasound & Mammogram and Ultrasound only)*
  • A review of your scan and an appointment with your consultant


Procedure Price
Hysteroscopy (womb exam) £2,950
Myomectomy (fibroid removal) £7,290
Womb exam and fibroid removal £3,350

What’s included:

  • All consultant fees while you are in hospital
  • One follow up appointment with your consultant (this may be performed remotely if this is feasible and your consultant deems it appropriate)
  • Any fees payable to an anaesthetist involved in your surgery
  • An assessment to confirm your fitness for surgery ahead of admission (this includes MRSA and COVID-19 screening performed as an outpatient before your surgery)
  • All accommodation in the hospital for as long as your consultant deems it clinically necessary that you remain an inpatient
  • All nursing care administered while you are in hospital
  • All drugs and medical consumables administered during your admission
  • All operating theatre charges, including all equipment, consumables and pharmaceuticals used during your surgery
  • All tests and treatment administered while you are an inpatient, including blood tests, imaging scans, heart scans and histology
  • Any clinically recommended physiotherapy or occupational therapy treatments or consultations taking place during your stay in hospital
  • Any drugs you take home from the hospital to see you through the first part of your recovery (excluding existing prescriptions)
  • Any crutches, slings, braces, sticks or other basic home aids which you require as part of your recovery
  • Any readmission required, identified by your consultant as resulting from a complication with your surgery, up to 3 months following your original admission, so long as you have followed all advice given to you by your consultant regarding your recovery

What’s not included:

  • Your initial consultation, including any scans, tests or histology performed as part of the consultation
  • Any scans, tests or histology performed as part of your follow up
  • Any custom-made prosthetics or implants (these will attract an additional charge)
  • Any physiotherapy or occupational therapy treatment or consultations as an outpatient
  • Any night’s stay on our wards after your consultant has deemed you ready to be discharged

Our Consultant Specialist

Mr Joe Aquilina

Why are we doing this?

Millions of people have missed routine screenings
In the UK, 1.5 million women have missed routine breast exams due to Covid. More than 500,000 women are also facing extremely long waits for gynaecology care – this has become an all too common story across the UK.
No matter where you are in your health journey; whether you’re looking to catch up on a routine check-up or have a diagnosed condition that needs treating, we can help.
Because of our independence, you can see one of our excellent GPs and consultants straight away.

We have increased capacity so there really is no need to wait for medical care
Our £35m new wing nears completion this year, representing our largest-ever investment. It features six state-of-the-art theatres, an intuitively laid out day-case department, and an upgraded scanning department with the latest equipment.
We have built all this to ensure the best medical outcomes and greater comfort, securing our service to you for generations to come.

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