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For those navigating the complexities of neurological conditions, St John & Elizabeth Hospital stands at the forefront of neurology care. Our dedicated Neurology Department provides comprehensive diagnostics and treatment for a wide spectrum of neurological disorders. From migraines and epilepsy to multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke recovery, our team employs a holistic approach to patient care, ensuring that every individual receives personalised and empathetic treatment plans.

Also known as: Neurological care and diagnostics

Everything You Need to Know

Neurological health concerns can be deeply personal and challenging. Our department utilises the latest in diagnostic technology, offering a range of services including advanced imaging, neurological testing, and personalised treatment protocols. Our multi-disciplinary team, comprising neurologists, nurses, and therapists, is dedicated to enhancing your quality of life through expert care, education, and support.

If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms affecting your nervous system, our specialists are here to assist. Conditions like headaches, seizures/collapses, dizziness/vertigo, speech difficulty, movement difficulties, cognitive impairments, or sensory disruptions warrant professional evaluation. Early and accurate diagnosis can be crucial in managing neurological conditions effectively.

Before Your Visit

Preparing for your consultation with our Neurology Department is a step towards understanding and managing your condition. Here’s what you can expect:


A comprehensive review of your medical history and symptoms. You may be asked to undergo diagnostic tests such as MRI scans, CT scans, nerve conduction studies, EEG or blood tests to help with diagnosis.

Lifestyle Considerations

Lifestyle factors can significantly impact neurological health. We may provide guidance on diet, exercise, and stress management techniques tailored to your condition.

Medication Review

It’s important to discuss any current medications with your neurologist. Some medications can interfere with diagnostic tests or treatment plans.

What to Bring

For your appointment, please bring any relevant medical records, a list of current medications, and a summary of your symptoms and concerns.

During Your Visit

Your care and comfort are our top priorities. During your visit, you will:

Meet Your Specialist

A detailed discussion about your symptoms and health history with one of our leading neurologists.

Undergo Examination

A physical neurological examination to assess cognitive function, motor skills, sensory nerves, reflexes, and balance.

 Discuss Findings

Our specialists will explain the results of any tests conducted and discuss potential treatment options, including medications, therapy, and lifestyle adjustments.

After Your Visit

Following your consultation, you may receive:

A Personalised Treatment Plan

Tailored to address your specific condition and needs, including any medications, therapies, or further testing required.

Rehabilitation Services

If needed, you may be referred to physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech-language pathology to support your recovery and enhance your quality of life.

Ongoing Support

Regular follow-up appointments to monitor your condition and adjust your treatment plan as necessary.

Top Tips for Managing Neurological Conditions