Luci Daniels

Qualifications: BSc Nutrition, Registered Dietitian, FBDA

Expertise: Gastroenterology including IBS, eating disorders, weight management, hyperlipidaemia, diabetes, CVD prevention, oncology, disease related malnutrition and dietetics


Luci Daniels is an independent, practicing dietitian. She has a degree in Nutrition from the University of Surrey, is a Fellow of the British Dietetic Association and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. Luci has been based at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth for many years, seeing inpatients and outpatients with a range of nutrition related health problems.

Luci was Chairman of the British Dietetic Association from 2001-2003 and has been involved in the BDA for most of her working life. Luci has worked with the British Heart Foundation, Food Standards Agency and School Food Trust on a variety of initiatives.

The abundance of misleading nutrition information in the public domain is a cause of great concern. Conflicting nutrition information increases confusion about what people should eat and makes the choice of an appropriate diet more difficult than it needs to be. Luci firmly believes that Registered Dietitians are key opinion formers in the nutrition world and should be seen and heard as such.


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