Our Relationship With Our Consultants


Our relationship with our Consultants

St John & St Elizabeth Hospital works in partnership with its Consultants to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients.

To assist the delivery of care, the Hospital provides some services to Consultants. In the interest of transparency for patients, documented here are the services that are provided for Consultants and the charges that are levied:

Secretarial fees

For some Consultants, we employ staff to provide secretarial services. This is charged on average at a rate of £819.13 per session, per month, including VAT. A session is defined as 3.5 hours of Consultant clinic time.

Consulting room rental

Consultants are charged £9 per 30 minutes of consulting room time utilised.

This fee covers the following items:

  1. Use of a fully furnished room
  2. Nursing support
  3. Room cleaning in between sessions
  4. All utilities (water, electricity & gas)
  5. Maintenance
  6. Public liability insurance
  7. All stationery, including business cards

Office rental

Consultants are charged £479.50/m2 (including service charges) excluding VAT, per annum.

General operational services

We provide all Consultants with appropriate services to ensure a quality patient pathway. This includes appropriate administrative services to facilitate patient admission, general administration and billing.

From time to time the Hospital will provide some in-house training to Consultants.

All of the above general operational services will be provided free of charge.

Basic workplace amenities

The following basic workplace amenities are made available to all Consultants free of charge:

  1. Tea and Coffee
  2. Stationery (see Consulting Room Rental under item 2 above)

Car parking

Car Parking is not guaranteed to Consultants and is offered on a first come, first served basis. Car Parking is not available to staff.

General marketing

We have a Marketing team that is employed by the Hospital, who provide marketing and media services to all Consultants. This service is provided free of charge. Consultants may access at any given time a number, and potentially all, of the following items:

  1. Entry in the online and printed Consultant Directory
  2. Inclusion in the on-site and off-site Referrer Lecture Programmes
  3. Entry onto the appropriate Hospital websites
  4. Marketing and media advice and support

Corporate hospitality

As part of building long-term relationships with our Consultants we do provide a limited calendar of Corporate Hospitality. These all vary in cost and will be published as they occur during each Calendar year, averaging £250 per head per event.

In May 2018 40 Consultants attended Chelsea Flower Show followed by a dinner.

In November 2018 75 Consultants attended the annual Christmas function.

Expert medical advice and clinical quality

The Hospital works closely with a number of advisors to help put the health and wellbeing of our patients at the centre of everything we do. Our lead advisors are:

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Lead advisors
Mr Philip Ahrens Orthopaedics £500pcm
Dr Timmis Imaging Advisor £1,561pcm
Dr Michael Coren Paediatric Clinic Advisor £350pcm
Dr Roby Rakhit Cardiology Advisor £1,000pcm

Why choose us?

Charity hospital care

Assessment specialists

Covering a broad range of medical assessments our team are able to provide expert diagnosis using the latest in imaging technology.


Trusted by professionals

Due to our commitment to offering an exceptional service and to using the latest in imaging technology, we are trusted by the UK’s finest professional athletes, sports clubs and organisations.

Charity patients needs

Our charity

Uniquely our profits fund our on-site Hospice, St John’s that provides specialist palliative care to over 3,000 terminally ill patients and their family each year.